Hard birthday party dilemma!?!

Question: Hard birthday party dilemma!?
My daughter is turning 14 soon and she wants a really cool birthday party. She doesn't like all of that just hanging around stuff, and really loves parkour. I'm wondering if you have any ideas that can incorporate parkour into a birthday party. Ideas in NYC for birthday parties would also be helpful. Thanks!


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go to central park! lol and (i am 14) but she could have a romeo and juleit themed party and put white streamers in a section of central and have them dress up in dresses and tuxes

however if your daughter doesnt like that

she could go for something more dirtier ( i realise as her mother you might not like this but you should accept she might) and they dress up as people that you wouldnt want to be when you grow up (eg a stripper) or hooker) and then they can play truther or dare and 7 minutes of heaven

beck said the same thing for a 12 year old don't do that. go to http://www.merrimysteries.com/tmm/kits/c…

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