Would you come........?!

Question: Would you come........?
If I invited all those who read this to a tea party would you come. With the terms being.

Must love tea
Enjoy the company of others
Must love food
Come in tea appropriate garb (Victorian, Steam punk, Mad hatterish, goth if done elegantly)

It's been a fantasy of mine to have a beautiful tea party, with tea sandwiches, delicate pates with crostinis, mini biscuits with asst jams, cookies galore, petit fours, a gorgeous arrangement of teas with the appropriate tea pots that paired beautifully with at least 3-4 edible items served, and miss matched antique tea cups with saucers. All at a super long table in a small clearing in the woods, or garden, or scenic park.

I don't know too many people, and the few I know that live close by, don't know anything about teas or even care. I know they would sit through a tea party, but it wouldn't be the same.


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That sounds like a interesting gathering. I'd be glad to attend if only I lived closer.
Tampa is a wee bit far.

i do love tea but i don't know you and allot of other people don't you

I'd come. Although I don't like tea and I live a quite a ways away.

craigslist that tea party! :) sounds like a hoooooot!

that's what she said!

I'd love to, but i live in NYC, too far for me
what's worse, no weekends or holidays

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