Halloween party ideas?(movies, and decorations)?!

Question: Halloween party ideas?(movies, and decorations)?
Well we are having a Halloween party with family and friends and I need some really good horror movies. They need to be pg-13 but a good pg-13 not like my super physic sweet sixteen pg-13 k? Well I also need some good easy and fast decoration ideas? Thank You soooooo much!


prom night
the ring
the haunting
the sixth sense
final destination movies
the grudge


buy a few plastic spiders a bunch of string. tie the spiders to the string and hang them wherever you want, tie the string into spider web designs and drape them over lamps.

Change a few light bulbs from regular ones to black light lights and grab some glow in the dark/black light paint with some and mix together. paint a design on some plastic, dry and peel off and place around the house or put glowy eyes outside in a dark corner.

have a few soup cans lying around? wash them out and poke some holes into any design and stick a few candles in them.

(This may be a little long/difficult if you can't sew). make a head out of an old pillow cover and attach a wig to it. attach pillow to a shirt and jeans stuffed with newspaper(don't forget to close off openings) and tie a rope around its "neck" and hang it up.

Blow up a few white balloons and draw a few faces on them. get a sheer fabric and cover balloons over. Make a small hole to fit end of balloon and tie it with string and hang.

Buy a cheap skull at the dollar store and throw it into an old net bag(fishing nets look great) and throw around the yard or hanging as well.

Closer to Halloween I start posting up ideas for decorations(and how to make them), costumes, movie picks, and more on my blog: http://katastrophicstyleandbeauty.blogspot.com/. Check it out and feel free to take a look at anything else.


The movies mentioned above are all good ones.

For another decoration idea: find a sturdy branch twig that's fallen and bring it in and decorate with little white lights, hang bats or make little ghosts to hang: for ghosts, use a kleenex to wrap around a cotton ball and tie with string or thread. Make 2 black dots for eyes and 1 for mouth with black marker. Make sure string has some length on it to tie on. Or can tape on doorways to line it all around.

Make a gravestone and throw some leaves in front of it with dog chew bones sticking out.

Make invitations using all different sizes of "googlie eyes"---place them in pairs on black folded paper and write in white ink inside with details of party.

Have a witch seated in a lawn chair to greet them: stuff a pillowcase for a head, stuff a shirt, either use a black skirt or use cheapie black plastic tablecloth to wrap around (will need some stuffed legs to build up the body and to stick ends into old black boots). Use another plastic tablecloth to wrap around as a cape...make it black or purple. Add a witch's hat and have her holding a broom (use old gloves for the hands). Can add straw for hair or use a long wig...can even add an old face mask of a witch on it.

Use tea-stained cheesecloth to drape and frame doorways or windows...make rips and tears in it...add some spiderwebs and spiders. Have it hanging all crooked and crumpled-like.

you cant go wrong by setting the mood first, dim the lights, candles only....have a few drinks first, make sure all the folk are relaxed. have a fondue or the like to keep the friends closer.cant go wrong with popcorn:)
cant go wrong with the ring as a movie or a good b classic movie.
ime not easily scared, decorate the room with whatever made you scared as a kid, use your imagination.
make sure your friends and family are in the same frame of mind, ask for help.
kids are best kept entertained with fantasy and are easily scared with imagination....b carful though, you dont wanto keep them up with nightmares....

have fun thats whats its about

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