I am looking for a classic hookah?!

Question: I am looking for a classic hookah?
My mom needs one. We are Lebanese and smokes traditional hookah. Plain tobacco with a coal literally on top. It has no carb for the smoke release next to the hose, I would really like to find one online. I can't find these anywhere... :(


Well I know what you are looking for. Problem is finding them stateside. You need to check out Elmas Hookahs.
This are available to be purchased from them directly, but shipping takes time. They are prized in the Hookah Communities because they are rare stateside. Only the truly dedicated take the time to get one. This year I am hoping to buy one as a Christmas gift for myself.

Experienced Hookah Smoker of Over 10 Years

i just did a general google of classic hookahs and this came up
hope it helps!


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