What desserts would you like to see at a baby shower?!

Question: What desserts would you like to see at a baby shower?
I'm talking dessert wise. Any ideas are welcome. For the main course we are having lasagna, salad, and a bread roll. So that's taken care of but as far as desserts go what would you like to eat if you were going to a baby shower? Thanks

I posted this question in a different section also but i'd like to add, any dessert that stays away from cake. Please



Check this website out, plenty of dessert that's aren't hard to prepare and do not contain cake (Well most of them)
Good luck!

People often like small things they can snack on.

Try a variety of cookies and or muffins or cupcakes.

Add a fruit plate too, with the heavy lasagna, women will want some fresh fruit. Below is a recipe that includes a fruit dip:


good luck

Cookies & Fruit
Mini eclairs
Donut holes
Make your own ice cream sundaes (offer small bowls of vanilla and/or chocolate ice cream and then put out dishes/bowls of different toppings so guests can choose... hot fudge, butterscotch, walnuts, chocolate chips, etc.)

apple pie :D little fruit tarts. you can even do chocolate covered strawberries.

Or chocolate chic cookies

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