Alright, my sweet 16!?!

Question: Alright, my sweet 16!?
Colors = Black, purple, silver, white, and zebra

Decorations = balloons... and I don't know what else! PLEASE HELP!

I need invitation ideas and I also want something for all my guests to sign while they're at the party! Maybe a poster or a guest book. Something! Any ideas?!

I also need ideas for table center pieces!
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For the decorations you can have like maybe some Black Purple Silver White bead necklaces hanging around like the ones from Mardi Gras , that is something that the guests can take home as well. You can get like a huge picture of your self or just of like zebra print with those colors and put it in a huge frame so everyone can sign there name and say happy birthday. Zebra vases with purple silver and white and black flowers, ( If they have some I dont know what colored flowers they have) .

Hope this helps :) Happy early birthday !

id get a strobe light i have one in my room and whenever i have sleepovers its insane i love it xD and get purple black and silver balloons too idk if ther are zebra printed balloons but thatd be badass x]
i think you should get a big as* poster so you have ppl sign it and then like another poster for if you have pictures you can print em out or whatever and make a collage of your pix idk. ahah for my 16th im guna ask if i could go to an underaged club :p hahah

You may want to check out Event Planning Business as well. It’s a useful free/inexpensive solution for all events

What about tie dying a t shirt with those colors and then having them sign that!

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