Is ice cream hot or cold?!

Question: Is ice cream hot or cold?
I like ice cream, but can't tell the difference between hot and cold.


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Ice Cream is cold. If It was hot it will be melting.

COLD! ahaha. if it was hot, then it would have been melting already. i think ice cream is only fun to eat if its cold. ice cream that is warm would taste just like a milkshake. lol. if it sits in a car or something then I'll immediately go put it in the freezer and freeze it. LOL . its just how i am ;)

If ice cream was hot, it would melt. It must be kept at 5*C to freeze because cow's milk freezes at that temperature.…

Ice cream is cold. soup is hot. hot chooalte is hot

its obviously hot duuuuuhhhhh

its cold but sometimes when i eat it i say 'hot hot hot' cuz i forget to say cold cold cold.....

Aww its cold swty
Hot would be like coffee or soup or something =)

Paris Hilton say's it's hot!!!

its cold buddy other wise you would be having a warm shake.


Ice Cream is cold. The best way to eat it!! :)

umm... ice being the root word, i'm going to go with cold.


its cold

cold unless you leave it in a car on a hot day then its just warm goo



oh honey , it's cold . unless it was out all day. :D

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