Good ideas for 15-16 year old birthdays?!

Question: Good ideas for 15-16 year old birthdays?
I cant think of anything this year. I dont want my party to be just a sleepover with my closest friends either. i want it to be crazy and fun and i want my guy friends to be there too. i cant think of anything. my mom allows guys to stay over just not at my house. but i cant think of anywhere! and i dont want to do a hotel. it doesnt even have to be a sleepover. just a party somewhere COOL!


First must have:... do you have an older sister or someone you trust who can be your party planner & party host??? Your the birthday girl, so there has to be someone you can rely on to go through the party agenda without you having to worry about it....

Hire out a hall - then you'd need security.... and hiring out a night-club could mean that you wont be able to drink...

Theme parties are always fun - night-club, fraternity parties (everyone comes in their house colours & symbols to compete), hawaiian... then you can make games up around the theme...

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