I Would like to have a house party buy no new new good party music for 2010 = (?!

Question: I Would like to have a house party buy no new new good party music for 2010 = (?
Please someone help me!


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Just go to Jamendo.com. It's all indie artists and you can preview the music and most of it is free and legal. Party music is supposed to be somewhat background music and just because it's 2010 doesn't mean that the best party music is all from 2010. Rely on old standbys for the bulk of your music and ask people beforehand if you can borrow their favorite party music CDs and rip them to your computer. Then run iTunes genius so you can create mixes quickly. You need a few hours to run Genius if you have a lot of music. I got most of my music from friends CDs for the purposes of party music.

Good luck, and remember, either put your music selection off limits so you can control it, or designate 1 or 2 people who will be allowed to take requests and build playlists. Don't let everyone on your computer. Password protect it and use the Window button + L to lock the computer when you walk away.

Of course this all assumes you're using a windows computer and have iTunes installed.

I have a LOT of music and I know you don't need new music to have a successful party.

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