Help with ideas for my 13 birthday party in January?!

Question: Help with ideas for my 13 birthday party in January?
I already know where I want my party. I know I want it at the Aloft Hotel in the lounge (if you don't know where this is go on google). My mom said I can invite as many people as I want. I'm going to have a 4-layer birthday cake surrounded in cupcakes. I need help on food, other desserts, drinks (I want to have drinks that people think are alcoholic drinks, but they don't have any alcohol in the drink), decor, my colors are hot pink,lime green, turquoise, silver, and purple, invites, and anything else thanks.


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look up virgin drink recipes.. they don't have alchol in them.
go to the got alot of party ideas..
have appetizers only like
pigs in a blanket
mac n roni bites

go to foodnetwork .com and go to apetizers

happy ealry bday!

Personally, if you have all that cake, you might want to offer a fruit salad for those who like something lighter and less sweet. I suggest a selection of finger foods and a sandwich bar for other food. For a party you want things people can eat easily with a minimum of fuss and mess. Also, you can offer a variety so there is something for everyone's taste.
Almost any drink that isn't primarily alcohol can be made as a virgin-margaritas, pina coladas, Virgin Mary, daquiri. You could also have sparkling grape juice in champagne flutes for toasts.
As for decor, it isn't really my forte, but with those colors I'd say just go nuts-that's how it will end up anyway : )

add up a cool DJ and if u can, it'll be fun to have a theme for the party, so that everyone can dress up in fun ways, and not just boring old party stuff. :):):)

you might like some of the party ideas here:

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