Girl I like invited me to a rainbow party?...?!

Question: Girl I like invited me to a rainbow party?...?
So I was talking to this girl i like on facebook. And she asked me if I wanted to go to a rainbow party at her house.she told me that I was the only guy going to be there. And it's at her house. I guess she invited her mom and her friends. But I still dont know what kid of party it is. My friend told me it was a slip and slide party.

Nobody will tell me what a rainbow party is.
Somebody please help me out.


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It's supposedly pretty much an orgy, a group sex party...there's more information here:…

Could be a little bit awkward if you're the only guy there...I wouldn't go, personally…

rainbow party = where all these girls wear different colour lipstick and make a rainbow on your dick or see who can get it the farest

l0l if ur a guy u'd love it ;-)

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