Got invited to a rainbow party.?!

Question: Got invited to a rainbow party.?
So I was talking to my friend online and she said her mom was setting up a party and they needed one guy. And I said ok and she said it her, her mom, and her moms girlfriends coming to the party. I still don't get what a rainbow party is. I'm going to be the only guy at at the party

Can please someone help me out and tell me whAt I got my self into


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I think rainbow people are into lesbian/gay activities. They may want to sacrifice you to celebrate their faith.

females wearing various shades of lipstick take turns fellating males in sequence, leaving multiple colors (a "rainbow") on their penises

Their going to paint you different colors hang you upside down by your ball sack and take turns beating you.

Don't go but if you do take a couple people and your cell phone with you!

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