fun ideas for a friends 22nd birthday?!

Question: Fun ideas for a friends 22nd birthday?
a place where there is a young crowd preferably ages 21-30
definitely has to be liquor involved
has to be where we can do alot of different things


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Have a Scavenger Hunt. Have the Birthday friend find 22 of something like guys/girls wearing red and have them talk to each of those people.... or, have them do a silly dance 22 times throughout the night.... oh! AND ALWAYS GET PICTURES!

The obvious choice is a bar. I'm not sure where you exactly live but I'm assuming there are bars around where you live. If you don't know what bar to go to, try googling the bars in your area and read the reviews on each one and decide what ones sound cool. If it's a weekday night, see if there's ones that have any kind of specials going on that night for drinks.

Also, most people like to dance at bars at that age, so try to find one with a dance floor if you can.

go out to eat! yum

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