what is the best type of food and drinks?!

Question: What is the best type of food and drinks?
I just want to know who likes what. i know i like a lot of things but maybe i can find something new to try if you guys tell me about your favorites. i am getting bord of the same food and drink over and over.


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I love, Lamb Tikka Mosalla and Hot Beef Curry and Beef Chow Mein ?

strawberry + lemonade kool aid
cranberry juice with ginger ale
grilled cheese with tomatoes
jelly toast with bacon
sharp cheddar with sweet pickles
bleu cheese with tart apples
spicy peanut sauce with chicken

pizza, pasta, anything italian
ice tea, lemonade,propel,strawberry kiwi lemonade,,apple cider =)

Spaghetti and ice coffee.

a milk shake and a turkey burger <3

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