Questions on cigarettes? (Not for People Against Smoking)?!

Question: Questions on cigarettes? (Not for People Against Smoking)?
1. I Know flavored cigarettes were discontinued and made illegal (due to advertising that was i guess "to encourage kids to smoking" i assume) but is there anything i can get at a gas station that has a flavor? (kind like camel crush but an actuall "Flavor")

2. Any possibility that Flavored Cigarettes will be brought back?

3. Whats your favorite brand of Smokes? (Not type like Menthols but actual Brand)

4. Do you prefer Menthol or Non-Menthol?


I don't know much about flavored cigarettes other than I smoked clove cigarettes for about a year in my late teens. I went back to regular cigarettes after finding out how bad cloves were... As if any cigarette is good for you.

I smoke full flavor Marlboro 100s unless I'm low on money then I get a bargain brand like USA Gold.

I smoke menthols for a while and will smoke one now and then if I have to, but I prefer non-menthol cigarettes.

I roll tobacco, the best think you can smoke, if you smoke that once, you will never go back to the ready made cigarettes. as for the flavored
if is to smoke, at least do it in a proper way
Flavored cigarettes, lol

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