What can we do at my party?!

Question: What can we do at my party?
Im having a sleepover party soon with 3 of my friends, we are all 13.
Any suggestions to we we can do, and tips to staying up all night? We can make to much noise
Any suggestions welcome, thanks ;)
(we are girls)


the way to have the BEST sleepover is easy
go to coles or some shop, all of you go
and buy loads of junk food. like chips, chocolate, lollies.. etc;
buy some soft drinks like coke or something too...

anyways rent out a DVD you all want to watch, preferably a comedy
get out some mats with pillows, sleeping bags etc.. and all sit down and watch it
whilst eating PIZZA for dinner! ...maybe even some popcorn after that?

then once thats over with... you girls pull out your junk food and eat and talk for hours!
gossiping, giggling, etc.. (:
maybe even prank call some guys that you like or are friends with?
take loads of pictures thats always fun tooo

hopee you have fun ! (:

First one asleep bra get put in the freezer, truth or dare, I never ( basically ask a question like who in here has shaved there legs and then go around the room and let everyone who has not respond with I never and the person who has, must admit to it, any question that was just an example), make over or under ( see who can win an ugly contest, make up your partner the worst you can and do a pageant show), or you can play like a homemade fear factor ( get mayo and coke or an weird concoction and the person must drink or eat it if not they have a consequence).

play pantomime
make beauty treatments
watch movies and youtube
sing karaoke

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