Should I cancel my son's 6th birthday party? - No RSVP?!

Question: Should I cancel my son's 6th birthday party? - No RSVP?
I rented a pavillion at a local park and invited 20 kids from his class to the party. Not one person has RSVP'd and the party is tomorrow. I do not know any of the parents, or their last name to look them up in the phonebook to call.

I do not have any family -at all- in the state to come stand in.

Should I risk sitting at a decorated pavillion with only my son and I, or cancel the whole thing and go somewhere fun?


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That's pretty rude for people not to RSVP, but it appears (since you don't have last names to have mailed invitations) that you relied on your son's 6 year old classmates to give the invitations to their moms, which is pretty risky. For the parents who actually got the invitation, it's their own fault if they didn't RSVP and just showed up with their kid. That kind of party is a little over-whelming for a 6 yr. old anyway. He'd have so much more fun doing something fun with you. Maybe he has a friend and his mom you could have join you.

I bet people are just terrible about RSVPs and some do plan to attend. Since you can't get in touch with any parents to let them know about a cancellation, you should go ahead and have the party.

Bring fun stuff to the pavilion, so that you and your son have a good time even if not many others show up.

that's so bad and it would be so upsetting for your son if no one turned up tomorrow. Here in spain when we send invitations out with RSVP written at the bottom people just don't use it they turn up or they don't you never know! But if in your country everyone normally does RSVP then it looks like somethings happened to the invitations along the way so maybe to avoid disappointing your son cancel and go to a theme park or something hes never done before. Hope it all works out for you!

You'd be surprised how many aren't sure what RSVP means. And if they are aware, too lazy to make the simple acknowledgment.

I'm concerned about your 6 year old's broken heart tomorrow and sorry his birthday has to be marred with this uncertainty.

If you do chuck it, definitely go somewhere fun.

wow that so sux, i would just cancel the whole thing and go some where fun.
geez can you imagine how hurt he would be if it ended up being just the two of you?

make a really fun day something special to make him feel like a king.

good luck and Happy birthday to him :)


I'm sure some will turn out. You should told your son to ask his little friends if they are still coming to his party. Also how do you know if the teacher gave them out. She could have forgotten.

cancel and do something extra extra cool for you 6 year old - i know they diddnt RSVP but im sure they will turn up , just save disappointment a do something els with your son - hope he has a good birthday !

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