What should i do for my 15?? I dont want a party?!

Question: What should i do for my 15?? I dont want a party?
Well i turn 15 on November 8th and i dont know what to do! I had the choice of having a birthday party or choosing the money that was gonna be wasted on the party. So i chose the money but now i have no idea what to do :( I do live in Miami so i guess i have alot of options but i just moved here in July from Texas so i dont know many people yet. !!! Any ideas???? Please help!!!
BTW: ill have $600 as my present....pleasee helpppp(:


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take that money and go to your favourite store and shop or get something you've always wanted like a new computer or whatever your interested in.

you can have a dinner party at a restaurant and have everyone pay for there own food and than you wont have to spend any of your own money.

well you can be a nice sister and invite your family to eat duhhhhh :)

invite a few friends to go to dinner with you at a fancy restruant! :) happy birthday in advance XD

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