I'm having a doughnut party; what else should I serve?!

Question: I'm having a doughnut party; what else should I serve?
For Halloween, I'm going to deep fry several varieties of doughnuts (cake doughnuts, rich refrigerator doughnuts, quick and dirty biscuit doughnuts, etc) with chocolate icing, vanilla icing, sugar, powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar... like every type of doughnut.

What else should I serve so that people don't overload on the sweet? The draw for the party are the home-made doughnuts, but should I also serve pizza, or pasta, or rolls? I was thinking maybe apples (for the fall season) but I'm not sure. Any suggestions?


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That's a great party idea! I think it would be best to serve the delicious donuts with a few other healthier foods , so the guests don't have quite the sugar overload. I suggest serving a few fruits, such as bananas, grapefruit, oranges, and grapes. I think your apple idea is great!! The natural sweetness opposed to the real sugar would be great. You could serve cool-wrap sandwiches, grilled cheese, or popcorn chicken bites. I hope your party goes well(:

Hi, Sounds like an Awesome party! I have to say though.... sounds like there is a possibility of DOUGH OVER-DOSE Perhaps your idea of 'FRUIT' would be an excellent catalyst for your food platter! pineapple, apple, and Orange slices would actually 'COMPLIMENT' this party platter! The beverages should include no milk, no soda, and no citrus. Instead, to make it 'More Appealing' place some bottled water in the same area of the doughnut and also offer Tea, as well. They will LOVE this assortment and not get to bloated from allot of dough, milk, pizza, and soda!

Good Luck and have FUN!

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A great salty halloween treat might be spiced up pumpkin seeds. You can find recipes with spicy hot pumpkins seeds, I agree with the fruit. Maybe some fresh veggies and ranch dip. Or soup! You could take some of the doughnuts that haven't been iced and dip them in a warm soup.

Apples might taste bitter after they consume the dough nuts you serve. I would sway to some finger savory foods such as bagel type pizza bites, finger sandwiches (chicken salad, or whatever) and fresh veggies with dip.

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