Any good, cheap party ideas?!

Question: Any good, cheap party ideas?

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Depends is it for lil kids, or teens?

Here are some cheap themes: * for kids, toy story, princess, cars, superman, spiderman, dora etc
* for teens, just do color themes instead of like 8o's, mardi gras or somethin. just have everything black n white, pink n black, blue n green etc. cause theyre waaaay easier or even do prints such as zebra everything!

Go to a local dollar store, they've got pretty much everything walmart has but cheap!(:
like napkins, utensils, food, supplies etc.

and for cake and invitations those can be homemade!(:

I was wondering this myself a few months ago...

-get a pinata, fill it with Halloween candy or little toys from a $ store.
-play any video or board games you or your friends might have.
-if you make the party a bring your own food/drink potluck type party, it could be cheaper.
-play music in the background.
-and the most original: find a cardboard box of some sort, put a plastic bag inside, fill it with water, & freeze it to make a rather large ice block. During your party, you can use this for all sorts of things... and if you get drunk enough you might try using the block as a slide down a little mountain, or try smashing it somehow for the sheer thrill of it.

i agree with katie :)

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