What to serve for my mothers memorial service?!

Question: What to serve for my mothers memorial service?
My mother past away and we are having a second service for her in a small chapel that has a small lunch area.
I am not serving anything hot. I have many of those foil pans from the dollar store. Some the size of little bread loaf pans and the 8in square ones. Plus I have plenty of tupperware containers.

What should I bring for a small service of people? (Under 50 people)
Please include water bottle ideas and other drink ideas. I can bring coolers or there maybe a small fridge there.

Thank you for the help. My brain is not working well and I have jet lag from the other service.


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Get a few different kinds of lunchmeat and sliced cheese and some buns to put out for people to make sandwiches. Don't forget the condiments like mustard, mayo, pickles, olives, etc. You could get a deli platter or two of the aforementioned items to make things simple, but it would probably be cheaper to buy things separately and arrange platters yourself, or with help from friends or family.
Also, veggie and fruit platters, maybe something like potato salad and/or col slaw, and cookies or cupcakes.
As for drinks, speak to whomever is in charge of the chapel/lunch area and see if they have a large coffee maker that you could use. I'm guessing they do, but don't assume, ask. Take some drink mix and some pitchers to mix up drinks at the place, easier than lugging lots of drinks to the place. Also, check with the place to see if ice will be available or take a cooler and buy ice a a store on the way to the place.

Get meat and cheese trays from the grocery store, maybe fruit and veggie platters, rolls and something to drink and that's all you need. Maybe a sweet like a cookie or something as well.

passed away not past !!

Just take everybody to McDonald's!!!

ham chesese wraps chips muffins cottage chesese

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