Having a party while my parents are out of town?!

Question: Having a party while my parents are out of town?
I know people are still going to lecture me, but I've heard it all before so don't bother haha. Anyways I'm starting th planning early because I don't want to get caught. It'll be a week after my birthday because my parents and little brother will be out of town for one of his hockey tournaments up north like 4 hours away. I don't plan on having that many people come, 10-15 of my closests friends. I have a couple problems though, obviously haha.
One is my neighbors. I'm going to make it so we're in the basement and he music isn't too loud, and there will be 2 or 3 sober people because a couple of my friends don't drink and one has to drive. Any other suggestions to avoid my neighbors?
Another problem is I REALLY don't want anything to get broken haha. I'm also doing it downstairs because theres only two rooms down there right now and not a lot of things to break. I'll move anything that could be broken upstairs or something. Also, my parents liquor. Where's a good place to hide it? We have a lot of it on like display but I don't want ANYONE taking any and if it's out, thats obviously going to happen.
By the way I know my parents aren't stupid. I know I'm going to get a lecture the first time they go to his first tournament in a few weeks. And they're probably going to know somethings up, but I know they know that I'm responsible and I've definatly showed it before, even while I was drunk. Also, I know my mom will probably find out at some point hahah but as long as nothing bad happens I know she won't be TOO mad, keyword too.
Anyways, does anyone have any other tips?! Any help is appreciated thankssss!


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No lecture, you're determined to do it. Go ahead and learn it's not fun when you have to look out for so much and supervise kids you think are your friends. We know so many young people with police records now because their parties got out-of-hand. In fact, my son had to appear in court once as a witness to a beating during one of these parties. You're about to find out who really are your friends.

Go ahead and have your party! I hope that the punks trash, drink liquor, smoke weed, fights, puking, loud noise,etc... at your house and the cops will be called and YOU go to jail!!!

if you wanna have a party go ahead ill laugh my *** off when you get busted

ben dover

You are looking for trouble.

1. It's not your house.
2. Uninvited people always show up and steal/trash stuff.
3. You are showing that you are untrustworthy - this IS a test, you know, you will pay for this in the long run.

Why do you want to disrespect and lie to the people that worked hard to buy the house and look after you all your life. I think you are very selfish, immature and thoughtless, and no you are NOT a responsible person. You don't know if anything will happen. Really, really bad idea! This is your parent's personal space, and it is their call who enters it, not yours!

do u really, really want to have a good time at your party?????
1. Tell your mother every thing u wrote here.
2. No B.Y.O.B. at all
3. If u say she knows u r responsible then u won't mind going by her rules.
You may not think so, but u don't need booze to have fun. It's the friends
u invite that will make a great party.They will thank u the next day.

went through it with my kids. Took a long time to get earn my trust back.That's what they say now.
It wasn't worth it.

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