which is better domino's pizza or pizza hut?!

Question: Which is better domino's pizza or pizza hut?
i wanted dinner earlier and could not decide between domino's and pizza hut
in the end i flipped a coin
what do you think?


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Pizza Hut

Domino's man. Pizza Hut probably uses expired ingredients & don't wash their hands. You're eating pure grease, & you don't wanna know what they put in the sauce haha. They are proud followers of the 5 second rule too. Domino's is just a pizza place you think of when you want a fast delivery & have no money, so you write a bad check. Little Caesar's is better than Pizza Hut! But best pizza ever goes to Round Table Pizza.

Funny you should ask - where I live, I am within delivering distance of both. One time we tried Dominos with the new sauce they started using - excellent. The next time, we ordered the a pizza with the same toppings from Pizza Hut and we liked Domino's better. Their pizzas are consistently good - at least from where I get it.

Domino's gets my vote.

Domino's pizza is way better than Pizza Hut!

Pizza hut

New York Giant Pizza!

i work at pizza hut..but i prefer dominos hahaha

domino's all the way!

i prefer Pizza Hut, even it's more greasy.

i like eating out at pizza hut but for delivery both are ok in my view

Pizza hut...their wings are good too!

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