What should i do at my 15th birthday party?!

Question: What should i do at my 15th birthday party?
My birthday is in 2 weeks..i don't want a big party..just want to celebrate with few frnds at home..what should i do first when they'll arrive? tell me step by step..pls..


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1. Before the party rent out a couple of movies. Comedy or horror are the most entertaining.
2. Get some snacks ready and drinks (coke not alcohol.) (sausage rolls, popcorn, sandwiches, mini mince pies, corn dogs etc)
3. Turn on some music before the guests arrive.
4. When the guests arrive they'll feel the music and maybe try to be funny and they'll foolishly dance.
5. Join in if they do, if they don't you start to dance as a joke and people will start to join in.
6. Once you all finish dancing and need a rest, turn on the movies you rented out and they'll be entertained.
7. After the movie finishes just turn the music back on and talk to your friends.
8. At dinner, order some pizza and talk or do whatever for about an hour or two and then finish the party.
Good Luck :)

Make sure you have snacks ready for them, big bowls of pretzels and chips. Get pizza for dinner maybe a small cake, or get cupcakes those are fun. What do you guys normally do? You could watch a movie, play video games. Maybe buy some glow sticks my friends love those. You could try truth or dare but that doesnt always work, only if your friends are crazy like mine. If your friends are comfortable it should go fine. Just make sure you provide food.

You should have a sleep-over. I think first you shuld go and play some games or do hair and makeup. Then cake and presnets, then play more games, then you can have a fashion show... then go and watch a movie. then pull an all nighter :)

look here for some ideas:

just prepare sandwiches, drinks and music...that's all they need :)

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