Would this be acceptable for a farm theme dress up party?!

Question: Would this be acceptable for a farm theme dress up party?
okay so one of my friends from school is having her birthday in a little over a week and its a farm theme party and from what other people are doing they are going as farm animals like a sheep dog, horse, cow, pig, chicken that sort of thing. But I don't want to dress up as an animal but I was wondering if it would be acceptable for me to go not as a farm animal but as the farmer herself. Would this be a good outfit to wear to the party and can it be improved? (what I've got planned is a pair of brown boots tucked into black jeans, a nice brown belt, a pink chec shirt tucked in to my jeans and a white broad brimmed farmer's hat)


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Catherine, take it from a "mere male", do it, I wouldn't even question it.

Yep.. sounds good...you could add to this by putting your hair up in braids (if it is long enough) and put a few "freckles" on your nose etc (Pippi Longstocking style!) - a few strands of straw to chew on maybe LOL - have fun :)

Yeah it sounds good. Maybe you could wear overalls if you had some? Maybe also a pitchfork or shovel or something if you have one.

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