i wanna have a party help!!!!?!

Question: I wanna have a party help!!!!?
ok so im 14 years old and i wanna have a party not to big not to small i wanna bring all my friends what are so good ideas we could do


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first of all, ask your mum and dad if you can use your living room for the night.
If they say yes, then that's good coz then you've got the tv, stereo, dancing space etc
then ask them to buy some snacks, things like crisps, dips, you know, party food snacks things.
Things you could do; Spin the bottle, 21 Dares, Chubby Bunny (You'll need marshmellows), The Cinemon challenge, take pictures or play on the wii if you have one.
Hope this helped, and if you don't know some of those games^ google them (:


I'm 14 years older than you so I only think hard drinks when party. Since your a girl you probably wouldn't be into a football or ufc type party. If I were throwing a cookout party I would do bbq baby back ribs, bratwurst or any sausages, burgers & dogs, bbq chicken leg quarters, rotisserie chicken, shrimps & fish fry, mashed potatoes, potato salad, home baked mac and cheese, salad, or buy pizza and wings.

look here for some ideas:

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