13th birthday party goody bag ideas?!

Question: 13th birthday party goody bag ideas?
I have the party and everything planned, but I was wondering, what should I give out for favors? I want to make goody bags, problem is I know what girls like( I am a girl) and this is a boy/girl party. I'm throwing it on November 20th( my birthday is on the 22nd) . I really need ideas, oh and by the way the theme is just a dance party. I want some cheap ideas and stuff, something 12-13 year olds would like. If you have any websites or stores, that would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I live in New Jersey, if that helps.


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Haha, my parties on November 20th too!!!! That's my birthday aswell.

Go to the Dollar Tree , they have all kinds of things and wont cost alot, or go to a party store and get party favors
Darla s

This dance party guide has a list of favor ideas at the bottom:

Go to bath and Body works.

bath body works gifts cards

by: Summer Dickerhoof

Ok so my birthday is Aug. 16 and it's June 20th. I know it's early but it's my 13th so that's ok. I am having a boy/girl party but idk what to do cuz I don't want parents around. My only ideas so far are:

1. Maybe swimming
2. Walking in my neighborhood so we can talk about stuff without parents listening
3. Dance party
4. Truth or dare
5. Eating and hanging out in my back yard

But the thing is I want to do stuff that is for guys and girls and that is actually fun and not boring.


13 in 13 days
by: Bailie Cooper

HI! My name is Bailie Laine Cooper and my birthday is on July 3rd and I'm turning 13. I'm having a luau with a waterslide and with my girlfriends and I'm also having a slumber party! I'm soooooooo excited. If u have any ideas that me and my friends can do that night I would really appreciate it. Thank u soooo much!!!!! Toodles!!!

Ideas and Help Me !
by: Anonymous

Okay, so my friend had an amazing 13th...we went iceskating and swimming in a water park (both at Doncaster Dome fyi) and after all went to hers for a BBQ and normal b-day night fun! It was amazing and I want my birthday (couple months away) to be just as good. Bo there is an answer to an ace 13th party, now can you help me...

As i said I want to have a cool thing with friends but my only prob is I want to invite my boyfriend and my best friend (a boy too). I don't really want to invite girls and when things say 'invite your 2 closest friends' these ARE my closest friends. So any ideas on a cool party with 2 boys ?? Thanks xxx


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