17th birthday at dave & busters?!

Question: 17th birthday at dave & busters?
My twin sister and i are turning 17 in january (i know we have a long time to plan) but im not really doing much now so i wanted to get started. I was thinking about dave and busters? we live in new jersey but there are dave & buster locations in neighboring states. but we go there for project graduation next year so im not sure. we'll probably invite around 10-20 of our friends. how expensive will it be? (an estimate is fine). would it be worth it? and what kind of things are there to do...and any other info that would help. Also, is there anywhere else we can go thats sort of similar? we want to do something thats very unique. thanks for any ideas and other information too!!


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Dave and Busters probably isnt going to be a good idea, heres a little clip about their age policy::
Age policies vary by location, so visit the locations section on DaveandBusters.com or check with the local store for the latest information. Guests under the age of 18 or 21 (varies by location) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 25 or 30 (varies by location) years of age or older, who agrees to be responsible for the conduct and safety of the underage guests. One parent or guardian can accompany up to a maximum of six underage guests. Underage guests must remain with their parent or guardian. Our other guests appreciate this, and our insurance carrier requires it.

Identification: In order to establish that you are at least 21 years of age, you must have a valid identification card issued by a state governmental agency containing your photograph, date of birth, height, sex and color of eyes. Dave & Buster’s is unable to accept forms of identification that are expired, cracked, altered, or damaged in any way.

Maybe you should look at doing something else, like a party at someones house, have tons of music with a dance floor and set up your own games. it might be a better idea to do that, my husband and i spend a lot of time at dave and busters and i really couldnt see them hosting a birthday part for seventeen year olds.


A good place to have Fun and games Lots of activitys!!

Dave and Busters age policy really isn't that big of deal as long as you have an adult there with you. BUT their prices are a little out of control, especially for that many people! I am almost 27 yrs old and my boyfriend and I still go to Chuck E. Cheese over D&B because we like the games and it is cheaper there.

I don't know where you are in NJ or how far you want to drive but what about http://www.cocokeywaterresort.com/locati… it is an indoor waterpark

here is another indoor water park http://www.saharasams.com/Default.aspx

what about scaling down the amount of people you invite and going snowboarding or skiing with a couple close friends? my friends and i used to go to camelback mountain in PA all the time when I was in High School.

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