i plan on having a HUGE party!!HELP?!

Question: I plan on having a HUGE party!!HELP?
okayy so i want to invite most of the freshman class to a party!! like a halloween pary and a ton of people think its a good idea but my mom prob will not let me have like almost 100 people at my house where should i have this party be? like some people go rollarskating but that weird or like after homecoming a bunch of people went midnight bowling. something like that but maybe dancing??HELP


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dont listen to connor.
first of all, do you have any friends who own businesses? i threw my bat mitzvah at the local pool club because my dad's friend owns it.
if not, then ask ur mom. make sure she knows it will be outside, so people won't trash the house.
(get a tent in case of rain)
or, (and this is my personal fave!!) set up a haunted house/maze. get your brother to wear a hockey mask and chase people with a chainsaw, get your mom to cover her face with mud and be a zombie, etc. it's always fun

You could try renting out your local community hall for a night and charge the guests two dollars each to get in, to pay for the costs of the rental. It would be a large space and you could get lots of snacks and punch, and at the same time set up game tables so people can do other stuff if they don't like dancing (example: card games, dice games, phony gambling games). You could also have lots of fun with making themed decorations and get some of your friends to help. All you'd have to do for the music would be to get someone to bring a boombox or some speakers and an iPod so that you can play whatever you want!

Good luck!

Have everyone but a ticket to the same movie.

hot dogs chilie

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