birthday party? nothing taky like smores or picnic..?!

Question: Birthday party? nothing taky like smores or picnic..?
i am bringing my four closest friends to a japaneese steak house, which will be expencive, for my birhtday.. but i also want to do something else. what is fun but cheap other than movies. it is in january so it is hard to choose. i really want to make it amazing i already looked at concerts but none are going on.. please help?!


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1.Go back to your place and roast marshmellows in fireplace.It's fun....
2.Go back to your place,have a chocolate fountain with red chocolate and sliced fruit.
3.Make homemade ice cream and let every one take their turn at stirring.
4.There is always free entertainment going on,check your paper for that date.
5.Since these are your 4 closest friends,anything you choose will make them have a good time.

I'm a Chef,I throw a lot of parties.

take a look at these teen party ideas:

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