Halloween party menu?!

Question: Halloween party menu?
Hey everyone! I'll be hosting a Halloween/birthday party later on this month and I'll be inviting several close friends over for the day. I've asked them to arrive in costume if possible, and we're hoping to watch some scary movies and celebrate my 19th birthday at the same time. I plan on having a cake, but hopefully a seasonal one :) However, I do need some tips and advice for planning a menu (lunch and snacks) for about 10 girls. Other than junk food, candy, and pop, what are some meal or healthy Halloween-themed appetizers which will be easy to prepare, inexpensive, and tasty? Thanks a lot for all your help!


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Halloween parties are great fun, you can find all kinds of cool recipes online. My favorites are shortbread finger cookies, you use jam for blood and almond shavings for finger nails, they are easy to make and taste great you can find the recipe online another cool one is the squashed frogs rice crispy squares. You add green food coloring to a rice crispy square mix then form into individual messy cookies, then use m n m's for the eyes.
Hope you have a fun haloween partie

4 halloween parties planed myself

Here's an idea for you. Get a fairly large sized pumpkin. Cut a lid in the top around the stem and scoop out the seeds and membranes. Line the pumpkin with a large plastic bag, preferably a thick one. Right before serving fill the bag in the pumpkin with root beer and drop scoops of vanilla ice cream in it and you have a foaming witches brew.
If the pumpkin doesn't work for you for whatever reason you could use a large black cooking pot or take a cooking pot and cover the outside of it with black paper.

Here is a great list of halloween party food:

hot dogs chilie chips popcorn

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