scary movie themed birthday party games for 13-15 year olds?!

Question: Scary movie themed birthday party games for 13-15 year olds?
I am having a birthday party in NOvember and i need game ideas for 13-15 year olds cuz im 13 and have older friends. the birthday is themed scary movies and its from 6-12 and we are gonna have a bon fire and roast hot dogs and smores and watch a scary movie and have snacks all over, but i need game ideas to entertain us for the rest of the night (btw it's a boy girl party but no dirty stuff plss!)


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Play a game as you all sit around your bon fire to see who can tell the most scary story.
Darla S

Pull out the ouija board!
Play "Bloody Mary"
Scary stories around the bonfire.
Flashlight tag.
Hide-go-seek in the dark (outside or inside).
Hold a seance.
Truth or Dare.

Happy Birthday!

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