Any ideas for a 17th Birthdya Party?!

Question: Any ideas for a 17th Birthdya Party?
I've decided not to have an 18th birthdya party next year, but to instead have a major 17th :) I know most people will say you can;t do much at that age but I really want to make the most of it. I was thinking about hiring a big function room in my area, but i was looking for ideas on decorationa dns tuff like that?

I had an idea to give our cute little party bags, but I don;t know what to put in them?
& ideas for like a memories book for guests to sign, photobooth etc etc.

Please help! xx


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A dickshonerry.

Why dont you do a hollywood black and white theme?

This way you can do little award ceremonies like best dressed, funniest guest etc

You can have black and white balloons and accessories, hire a DJ and only play songs that have been in movies and stuff

It'll be a night to remember if you do it right :)

Have fun and a happy birthday :) xx

look here for something you like:

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