My birthday dinner... who pays?!

Question: My birthday dinner... who pays?
So my birthday is coming up, and I was thinking of having a little get-together with some of my closest friends from school at this restaurant near-by. The day of my birthday is a feast day, and I go to Catholic school, so my school has the day off...which is perfect :) I was thinking of inviting some girls out to lunch or something cause last year I didn't do anything for my birthday so I wanna be with loved ones. should I approach this?
Do I have to pay for all of their meals or will they pay for themselves?
I've never attended a birthday dinner so I don't really know... haha


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Its your bday...everyone pays for their own meals and chips in a little extra to pay for yours

<<My birthday dinner <snip> I approach this?>>

Well, since it's you inviting them to dinner, you should presume to pay for your own dinner, and rely upon the graciousness of your guests to pony up for you when the check comes.

<<Do I have to pay for all of their meals or will they pay for themselves?>>

No, no! People should be prepared to pay their own way.

<<I've never attended a birthday dinner so I don't really know... haha>>

Well, usually, what happens is the grand total of the bill ends up being split evenly between everyone who attends. Be prepared to pay your share, but hopefully your friends will pony up for your share since it's your birthday dinner.

Since you are doing the asking make it clear whether you are paying or whether you want the group to eat together but each pay. As an adult you reach a point where you bring treats on your birthday, you not mommy, and don't get paid.
Do NOT surprise anyone with separate checks when they are already at the table.

I've done a similar thing, everyone pays individually and then we split the drinks bill

also, bring you're own cake or get someone to buy one for you so you don't have to order desserts too :D

Have fun, and happy birthday for then :) xx

everyone pays for their own, and then chips in as a group to cover whatever your meal and drinks cost. at least, that is how it should be, but since people are weird nowdays, who can tell how your friends will react? hopefully they will do the right thing. and happy early birthday :):)

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