if i am throwing a surprise 60th birthday party at the house what are the basic brands of liquor would i need?!

Question: If i am throwing a surprise 60th birthday party at the house what are the basic brands of liquor would i need?
like how many bottle of rum and like what brand. I dont want to spend too much money but i will have a bar tender present to make drinks and make sure no one takes a bottle for themselves


Well depending on how many people you are having over, you could choose to just do a variety or beers (regular, light, and maybe an import) and wine (red and white)...if you still want something else, you can do a "signature cocktail" for the evening and just pick one that way you'll know you have plenty of the ingredients on hand.

If you are trying to set up a basic bar, you have to have the following liquors:
750ml Rum
750ml Vodka
750ml Gin
750ml Tequila Beer
750ml Canadian Whiskey
750ml Coffee Liqueur or Irish Cream
Also I'd have a couple bottles of wine (white & red) along with a few six packs of various beers available.
**As for what brands to buy that's really up to you and your wallet... I don't buy the highest end liquor brands for making mixed drinks, but then again I only buy expensive bourbon because I drink it straight on the rocks. Go to the liquor store at a non busy time and just talk to a clerk there...they should be able to direct you to good mid priced bar options**

You will need the following mixers:
Cola (diet & regular)
Ginger ale
Lemon lime soda
Tonic water
Club Soda
Variety of juices (orange, cranberry, pineapple, tomato)

You might also want to get some garnishes like lemons, limes, maraschino cherries, olives...and such.

Hope this helps and you have a great party.


do you really want a bunch of sloshed, middle aged people partying together?

Go to the liquor store, they'll help you out with exactly what to buy.

light wine, you don't want any heart attacks

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