i need ideas for my 16th (all girls) birthday party!!!?!

Question: I need ideas for my 16th (all girls) birthday party!!!?
i need ideas for my 16th (all girls) birthday party that will be amazing to remember, but cheap ($125 tops) not a limo and under 150 dollars ish! I NEED HELP ASAP PLEASE! thank you!!!


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umm... anything JUSTIN BIEBER!! =DD

Have a cocktail party. I know you can't drink but you can mix fruity drinks and put cherry's in them with umberellas and make your own fruity cocktails and be creative. You could also hire a magician to do card tricks at your home. Have some music and a birthday cake.

Or go for the rock chick style. Get your mates to dress up hard core rock style get the karoke out or buy a cheap machine and every1 sing rock songs. :) x

U could be your own DJ. Make some party mixes cds beforehand and dance to your own hand-picked tunes.
or u could connect a mp3 player to speakers and that will be your DJ they can dance to that

Food Suggestions
There are a wide variety of appetizers to choose from for your party. Some require cooking while others do not. Some simple suggestions include:
*Cheese and crackers
*Fresh fruit
*Vegetable crudites and dip
*Chips and salsa
*Sandwiches cut in half made of chicken salad, ham or tuna
*Deviled eggs

alright, you want to have a blast! Its really good you found your budget, now think about a theme? if one isn't needed, think about the mock-tails. (mock-tails are non alcoholic drinks) you can look up good easy ones online. make sure to find the PERFECT dress too! you want to make sure to be the best dressed! Think about invitations and if you will print them or to make it easier, call all ur friends to invite them!
ITS UR DAY!! Hope i helped! oooo, and don't forget a great DJ and great food, no one likes crappy food. Make sure to also have cool give aways so that they can leave being happy :P

experience (:

my friend hired these people who came and did our makeup ( including fake eyelashes!!) and nails and toe nails..then we went in a limo/ party bus to dinner at this lounge place. PERFECT girl night. you can also just chill and have lots of junk food i recomend making ur cake out of like 40 cupcakes!!!. also what u can do is get a moon bounce and hulahoop or jumprope make it like 10 year old themed idk ive never done it but itd definately be unique...hope i helped. oh..i just read the details and u said cheap....ok so : hire a photographer have ur friends do makeup hair and wardrobe and go to the beach to model fer fun. that party was a fun one i went to...okay hope ur 16th is great!!!!! live life!

my 16th was legit

You can do it on that budget. Look here for some themes:

Go to the Melting Pot. It's a fancy & classy fondue restaurant.

bounce u thats what im trying to do for my 16th

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