16th birthday party ideas!?!

Question: 16th birthday party ideas!?
I'm turning 16 in less than a week and I need some ideas. Boys and girls & I'm not a huge party fan so maybe just a little gathering or something. But what should we do?


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U could have a little party at ur house. U could be your own DJ. Make some party mixes beforehand and dance to your own hand-picked tunes. There a game that u could play Name that Tune.

You guys should probably just get together and go bowling or to the movies, since your not a big party fan.
However you could always just go for simple and fun, with lots of food.
First you need to figure out how to minimize the clean up later, so have bins everywhere ( small parties have a way of growing in size) just in case, for entertainment, have different videos games and stuff setup so there is still a level of socializing,
You cant drink but set up a drinks counter and make it look like a bar with empty liquor bottles and such. No Drinking.
you probably want to avoid party balloons and go with lights that look kinda like lanterns on a string (similar to Christmas lights). little paper lanterns on the tables and railings and steps and such.

But i would personally go out there is very little to no clean up for you the morning after.

The best thing to do if your not a big party-er like me is have a little island party theme and party in your backyard /or a friends big backyard. Have a DJ or music list and at least in the middle of the party have a father /or mother dance solo. Its a sure thing to bring them to tears to dance with you in slow music and happy 16th! hope this helps. its really cheap as well if that's an issue.

Past experience.

If your not a big party fan, why don't you get a couple of friends and go to the movies or eat at a nice restaurant.

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