Menu ideas ~ Medieval Knights Birthday Party Theme for 8 year olds?!

Question: Menu ideas ~ Medieval Knights Birthday Party Theme for 8 year olds?
Hi, My 8 year old boys have decided on a "Medieval Knights" birthday theme..

We are doing Sword Fighting (friend does 'Fencing' and is going to show them a few tricks!! :) Jousting (using blow up things to push them off a small 'stand') ...any other ideas welcome!!

Menu - these are 8 year old so nothing too over-the-top...these are my thoughts..

~ Turkey or chicken drumsticks
~ Ribs
~ Bread, cheese & cracker plate
~ Fruit platter

~ Cup cakes with 'crown, fluer de lis on top

~ BIRTHDAY CAKE ~ Request is for an ICE-CREAM CAKE *&^%$%$ YIKES - SO....thought icecream with chocolate honeycomb crumbled on top (to look like rocks etc) and a plastic dragon and knights around/on top??? .....HELP....any ideas better then this????

All ideas appreciated :) Thanks


You could serve mashed potatoes too and corn on the cob.

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