What should I charge to bake/decorate cakes?!

Question: What should I charge to bake/decorate cakes?
I've really gotten into decorating cakes lately! I have a lot of people requesting cakes, and I have no idea what to charge, I don't want to sell myself short, but don't want to over charge! I've seen where people use spreadsheets, but I've not done a spreadsheet in years! I'm sure I could figure it out, if I knew what to put in the cells. Here is a link to my facebook, which has some photos of the cakes I have done. If you don't mind, giving me some oppinions on what these cakes should cost! Thank you so much for your time and help!


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My friend also bakes cakes, and what she does is she buys all the supplies, then multiplies that by three to make some money. the last cake she made, was a birthday cake, and it was three tiers, in which each tier was a different type of cake, and the icing was a different color for each. she also bases the price on how much work she has to put into the cake.

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