Tips on having a house party? Help! x?!

Question: Tips on having a house party? Help! x?
I'm throwing a house party next weekend & just need some general advice on what to do, I've had one before I just want to make this one a little different a bit more unique. I'm going to make vodka jelly shots & maybe some punch, any good punch recipes? I also need some drinking games? Or good social activities! Any other advice will also be greatly appreciated!
Thanks guys! xo


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Have it at someone else's house :)

make sure you have lots of shots there, something people are always willing to do at a house party is see who can drink different shots the fastest, plus it's an easy way to get drunk. try looking up some games online that you can buy, they aren't that expensive. or you could try the usual, spin the bottle.

The first rule is ask them to bring a bottle. Even cheap wine can become expensive with many guests.

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