Ideas for a romantic anniversary dinner?!

Question: Ideas for a romantic anniversary dinner?
It's our 1 year anniversary, and I want to do something slightly different for dinner? Any ideas? the madder and more alternative, the better. :)


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a cruise

I love a good picnic and you can take your squeeze somewhere you wouldn't expect to go.

- A fancy picnic served while you are waiting in line for concert tickets
- A not so fancy picnic eaten on a rented row boat on a lake
- A picnic on a train
- A cookout eaten in a tent in your backyard

What is your squeeze into? Baseball? Harleys? Rock? Opera? Make it a place that is a treat to go to and bring food that is a treat. I proposed to my spouse in a mountain parking lot overlooking the valley we live in. I served a nice pasta salad with chunks of lobster. When I proposed her answer was, 'Can we get back in the car? I'm cold." Then she said 'yes, of course.'

ok how about this. I have a guest House located downtown Brooklyn and its very inexpensive. The suits have different theams and they only run for $110 daily. Check out a getaway suit and hire a personal Chef for another $130 to cater to your needs. Candle light dinner, breakfast.dinner in bed.. you know surprise him or her.

How about a fondue? Interactive, tasty, different, fun.

You could make two different pots, one with cheese for dipping vegetables, meats and breads, and another with chocolate for dipping strawberries and marshmallows etc.

Good luck!

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