Cross Country Spaghetti Dinner during Homecoming Week?!

Question: Cross Country Spaghetti Dinner during Homecoming Week?
We were picked to host the weekly Spaghetti Dinner this week and it happens to run on Homecoming Week. We rarely do things boring and drab, so it would be only fitting that we would try to do something special for Homecoming Week (Spaghetti Dinner). This would be for about 25 runners -- both boys and girls 9-12 grades.

Of course, we're going to have delicious homemade spaghetti, lasagna, salad, soup .... etc

We were thinking about these possibilities:

Minute to Win It with Prizes (iTunes Cards or something similar)

Renting Sumo Wrestling Suits -- thought this was super funny

Renting a Jousting inflatable -- again super fun

any other ideas or am I over doing it?



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wow that sounds great! our xc team has one every year too but it is soo boring.. we don't have any of that fun stuff. don't forget dessert though! but it sounds like you have some great ideas

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