Cheap party food ideas?!

Question: Cheap party food ideas?
I am having a Halloween party for kids and their parents. I am needing some ideas of some cheap food. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am on a limited budget.


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Stick to things that are orange and black (goldfish, oreos, cheetos). Your grocery store probably has generic brands of all of those as well (kids can't tell the difference).

Well, first you need to figure out what kind of food you want to serve.

Appetizers only?
If you just want to serve appetizers, try doing the chip and dip thing. You can buy chips and make a variety of dips.
You can also do veggie platters (although vegetables can tend to get expensive if you have a large party)
Meal food?
If you would like to serve "food" rather than just little snacks, pasta is definitely the way to go. I live in New Jersey, and you can easily prepare a pasta dish with sauce for about 6-7 people for less than $10. Also, pasta is very versatile in the fact that by adding or omitting a few ingredients, you can easily go from spaghetti and meat sauce to pasta salad to chicken scampi.
Dessert is probably going to be a necessity.
Everyone likes the Halloween treats people come up with.
I have 3 words for you: CUPS OF DIRT!
They are so easy! So fast! So fun! And best of all, don't make them ahead of time! Make all the ingredients ahead of time, leave them in big bowls, then gather the parents and children and let them make them!
Here's a link!

Event and party planning

There are multiple things you could do.

For something sweet cupcakes or cookies(go further) are great. Most only require a couple eggs and vegetable oil. And you can be creative and make them halloween style. (a ghost, cat, or can say something like "trick or treat" on them.

A Cheese Ball- Cream Chz, Dried Beef (corned beef in packets) green onion, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce. Crackers

Rotel Dip- Velveeta, Rotel ( there's cheaper stuff) and Chips

Little Smokies- BBQ sauce, Lil Smokies (simmer in a crock pot)
Little Smokies in a Blanket- Wrap little smokies in crescent roll pieces and bake.

Deviled Eggs are REALLY cheap

Pot of Chili- goes a long way

Little Pizzas- English Muffins, Pizza sauce, cheese and Pepperoni

Chip Dip- 16oz sour cream and 1 packet onion soup mix


Hope this helps!

you could make fajitas its a blend of chicken and steak that is also mixed in with red, yellow, and orange bell peppers for a little zest. and some cheese dip get a block of cheese and some diced tomatoes in a caned and a pound of beef and mix it all together and you have some party food for around 20-40 buck.

there are unlimited options,

spicy meatballs (put them in the crock-pot and turn them on)
buffalo chicken dip (another crock-pot favorite of mine)
cheese ball (easy & make ahead friendly)
chips and salsa
spicy pimento cheese (homemade, not that nasty stuff you buy in the store)

if any of these sound good, let me know - they are VERY easy!!!

Spaghetti - you can make the noodles into a ball and say it's a brain.

Traditional - hot dogs and hamburgers or pizza.

Chips and dip.
Stuff like that.

You could make a casserole.

same ideas for me,
Good luckk. :)

[izza walmart dip

act as if you are vegetarian or healthy and get salads

u buy chocolates and chips.

dollar tree


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