What to serve for dinner for book club?!

Question: What to serve for dinner for book club?
It is my turn to host book club.

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for what I can serve that would be both easy and fairly cheap.

There will be about 10 guests.

Thanks! :)


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I'd say pasta, but that can be slurpy and splattery and mess up the books!

I dont know how fancy you get with dinners in your group, so its hard to say.

I like the idea of sandwiches, but maybe that's TOO cheap?
Assorted deli sandwiches and such?

How about a buffet style thing, with pita bread, bagels, different breads and dips? Hummus, tzaziki, spinach dip. Different cold cuts and cheese. Some store bought pasta salad, bean salad. Stuff like that.

I would suggest plenty of finger foods. Deviled eggs, cold cuts, cheese cubes, small sandwiches, veggies & dip, a fruit platter, etc. You can purchase these platters already made for very little money, and eggs are inexpensive. I'm sure your club will enjoy their books a little more with a free hand!

try my chili recipe



large Sub Sandwich with Veggies and Chips and Dip

Chili and Corn Bread

Grilled Chicken Salad/ Caesar Salad and Rolls or Garlic Bread

OR you could ask everyone to bring a dish/ appetizer unless this is something you take turns doing.

pizza steak ribs

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