What should I do for my birthday?!

Question: What should I do for my birthday?
My birthday is in Kate November, so I can't have any type of outdoor party. I'm turning fifteen. I don't want to have any type of dance, because I'm saving that for my sixteenth birthday. I'm thinking of having a type of sledding party, but I'm not sure if it will be snowing quite yet. What do you suggest?


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How about a skating party?If u have a near by skating rink near by
that would be a lot of fun. If there is an out door rink even better.
r going to want to be there , And u know your parents will want
to be there so u can put them to work. If you don't have a problem
with that and u r outside have your dad get a barrel and have a fire
in it to keep your hands Warm.And how about hot choc. w/marsh-mellow
and sandwiches and birthday cake.It sounds childish but ask your friends
what they think. I bet the kids will be happy especially the ones that
don't drink. I think u r going to be pleasantly surprised

I hope that's what my child would do

Here is a few things you could possibly do..

Ask your Parent(s) to get you a hotel room or suit at a hotel with an indoor pool and invite your close friends.

Go ice skating or bowling

Have a Scavenger hunt or a Murder Mystery Dinner (lots of fun)
- you can even do the Scavenger Hunt around town, at the mall, or at the hotel, I just did this with my friends where they had to get 3 items, solve 3 riddles, and get 5 pictures of them doing 5 things on the list and everyone loved it.

You could maybe even do a themed party like Hollywood or something along those lines.

The sledding Party sounds fun too!

hav a TWILIGHT vs HARRY POTTER theme, tat is te best theme ever, watch a movie together, or have a sleep over, have a funny cake, mine wuz dora and boots ice cream , boots wuz saying: I'm better than u Dora!!! LOL

a sleep over

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