Am I right in thinking food at a 4 year old's party shouldn't be green or healthy?!

Question: Am I right in thinking food at a 4 year old's party shouldn't be green or healthy?
It's Sophia's birthday party on saturday. This is the first party my husband and I have done ourselves, when Miles turned four my husband hired someone to cater it as we had packed up most our things to move and things were a little hectic as Sophia was only two and Blair was almost two. We don't want to hire a caterer again. We're a vegetarian family so the kids don't have meat or junk food. We eat rather healthy compared to most of Sophia's friends families. The kids don't eat junk food because it makes them hyperactive, Miles and Blair are allergic to two of the different additives in junk food so we don't give it to them. I've spoken to some of the other parents who's children are coming and they have said things like sausage rolls, chocolate biscuits and crisps are the norm at most children's parties they are been to, none of which we eat in our house either because it is meat or junk food.
I am I right in thinking pretty much anything green and healthy should be off the menu for a party? Any ideas what to do for food?


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choose what you think best, but don't go over the top by making it too Vega and health conscious, all children like jelly and custard and sandwiches and ice cream and a few sweets.

never been to a party for children though thats been vegetarian based.

you can serve healthy food but the kids won't eat it, so give them a treat and party ring biscuits are a MUST lol i'm 16 and still need them on my birthday lol you could try pitta bread and dips as a healthy and filling snack?

It's a kid's birthday party, the one place there should be junk food. I agree, serve some cookies and such. It's a treat, lighten up.

- homemade pizza bagels using whole wheat mini bagels
- veggies and dip
-fruit salad

Its a bad idea. Give the kids what they like to eat, Please.

I want to say compromise, but it is a children's birthday party and whilst your children may be use to eating healthy foods the other party guests may not- they may not have been introduced to as many types of foods as your own children and they can be fussy-

keep it vegetarian- thats a belief and no one should expect you to compromise that

jellies- loads of sugar free ones around

sandwiches- loads of veggie options there

fruit dipped in chocolate- a little naughty a little nice

veggie marshmallows

crisps/ carrots to dip- obviously dips

cheese and pineapple- a retro classic and a crowd pleaser

muffins- savoury ones and sweet- think chocolate chip and banana for sweet and carrot and cheddar for savory

pizza- make it your self- use tortilla wraps as bases- thin base and much healthier than regular plus you can load the pizza's up with your choice of veg, sauce and cheese- stronger cheese means using less of making it healthier - or a mozzarella for a milder stringer melt

vegetarian hotdogs?

vegetarian chicken nuggets


Hope that helps


"All things in moderation", too much of anything can make you sick, as a meat-eater, junkfooder, and all, afraid to say anything jaded, there's a story in the bible that Jesus made water into wine at a wedding party, to which the remarks went something about bringing out the cheap stuff later on in the party, but this was the good stuff, what's up with the backwards way to host, etc. - sort of implies that everyone had a good enough buzz going to not care what kind of "Mad dog" they brought out, so my guess is that nowa-politicallycorrectanddesignateddriv… we'd probably say the majority had "had enough", indicating that Jesus wasn't dead set against "overdoing it" when the occasion arose.......let the spirit of the occasion direct your intuition, I heard you, and you don't sound at all reckless, so nicht the allergic ingredient smorgasbord, and go!

For the kids, why don't you make chicken fingers and oven baked french fries? You can get some fresh chicken breasts at the store and coat them in breadcrumbs and bake them. Or they make the chicken nuggets that are cut into shapes and then cut up some potatoes and spray them with the non-stick spray and bake them in the oven. Also baked sweet potatoes cut into french fries are good too. I've seen them where they serve them with honey as a dipping sauce. And you can make mozzarella cheese sticks with marinara sauce for dipping. And kids actually do like fresh veggies with ranch dip. So, don't put the greens away yet.

And for the adults, you can do vegetarian with:

Spinach Turnover

Good luck.

If you don't eat meat because you find it cruel then okay don't serve meat. But if you don't eat meat just because you don't like it or it just doesn't sit well with your family then serve it to the other guests. They are more than likely meat eaters and it's a birthday party so you should serve what the other little kids would eat.

You can still have healthy things but make it fun. Have things like celery with peanut butter, or apple slices with peanut butter. You can melt the peanut butter and have it as a dip. You could have a veggie platter and dip. Fruit salad. Potato salad, macaroni salad, pasta salad. You can serve cheese pizza.

Not necessarily. Kids tend to view the sweet and unhealthy as delicous. But that shouldn't mean that you HAVE to give them unhealthy food. Of course most kids at the age of four disaprove of greens but studies have proven that if you put a plate of sliced fruits, kids will certainly eat the fruit.

But of course, it's a kid's birthday party, you don't have to completely prohibit junk food to them, and I would suggest to give them a few sweets, but look at the ingredients so your kids don't get allergic reactions.

Obviously because of allergies, you have to be careful what is served. I am also vegetarian and have found that even the meat free sausage rolls are eaten by my meat eating friends without complaint. How about small pizzas (which you could make yourself) meat free sausage rolls, a few sandwiches with different fillings and some crisps. Also serve celery, carrot and cucumber sticks with a yoghurty dip which I found kids loved. Then have a few small cakes or biscuits.

Overall remember it is a celebration so a little junk food is OK as it is not an everyday occurence. Keep it simple and enjoy.

Good Luck x x

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