Where do i stay after a party?!

Question: Where do i stay after a party?
The girl i like is having a party with alcohol, where do i stay overnight, because i know that i cannot go home. Im underaged, and i do not have any ways to get home.


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sleep ova at a friends crib...thats what i do when i get high as a motha fucka tit sucks

See if she can put you up in her house.......giggity giggity
How about a hotel.

If you show up and don't have a place to go, they will have to figure out what to do with you.
Might actually decide to plan that!

stay there, or try to get a friend to come get u and stay with them or have a friend come get you and take u some were. Take tent and camp out in her yard if she will let you.

past experince

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