Do you have any black light party ideas?!

Question: Do you have any black light party ideas?
I am having a black light party this friday and am running a little dry on ideas. Basically how i have it planned out is I will replace the 4 lights in the basement with black lights (which is where every1 will be dancing and hanging out for the most part), the main floor is going to be for card game drinking games, the garage will be for flip-cup/beer pong/boat races... anything that could get messy, outside is for smoking only, upstairs is off limits.

I'm mostly concerned with the basement. Black lights = awesome if you have the right decor. My friend once made black light paint with (i think she said) powdered laundry detergent and water. Any ideas on an actual recipe to make this? It was pretty much just white with a little blue tint to it and you couldn't see it on the walls in regular lights. Any ideas for any other black light decor? Like streamers or glow sticks or something? I'm not really that creative when it comes to these things.

Any ideas or criticism on any of it would be greatly appreciated. There's about 50 people coming so I would like to impress.


dude get a black light strobe..

youre party will be epic, i guarantee, especially if everyone is wearing white..

good luck!

get some of that glow in the dark paint from a party shop its pretty cheap


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