What was the last party you threw? And why?!

Question: What was the last party you threw? And why?
Im throwing a co-ed baby shower party for my pals having a baby next month its gonna be a large bbq,keg,and a bunch of hot Chic's i work with. Instead of baby blankets and car seats im telling people to bring gift cards and diapers. good idea???????? i figured the more women there the more dudes and more gift cards!


That sounds like an excellent idea for a party, well-planned!

My last one was several years ago for my 33rd birthday at our house. We invited both of our respective families so they could finally meet each other. And the best part was that my out-of-state uncle and his new wife were visiting the area and we got to meet her, my uncle got to see family he hadn't seen in 20 years and some of the new kids in the family. We just had tons of great food, beer, and wine, the adults talked, kids played, and my husband took a huge photo of me and all my family. The night was wonderful. And more poignantly, it was the last time I saw my uncle, he passed away from unexpected cancer 9 months later. I'll never forget that birthday party.

A friend and I threw a mexican inspired party in the summer after our exams finished.

We made little mexican name tags for everybody, had a big BBQ in the backyard, with a chips and dip table and a tequila table for those more daring! Some people used face paints to give themselves comic over sized moustaches and we had 2 pinatas.

Your baby shower party sounds like it's going to be a good one..just make sure the food and drinks are flowing...and a new mother can never have too many diapers!

Have a great time :)

The last party I threw was my daughters 2cd birthday party (technically her first since we didn't throw her one when she turned one). I think you should do without the keg and hot chicks since it is a baby shower and baby showers are about the babies and the mommies not about you and your single life.

Mine was a birthday party by myself and my flatmates for one of us.We just wanted to enjoy,up our rep and 'rock' chicks.There were gate crashers later on cos the chicks were hot and sexy.Had mad fun

That sounds fun! Last party I threw..amm. 5 years ago...Huge bday party for my friend...

Wow that does dound like a great baby shower!

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