Sweet 16-Rave-Glow in the dark Party?!

Question: Sweet 16-Rave-Glow in the dark Party?
We are having a party for my daughter that will have a band, dj, strobe, black lites etc. I have rented a local gym to have this in so I will have a lot of space to fill. I need ideas on decorating. We found a cooler that looks like a coffin(inflatable),so my idea is to have as many random inflatable items as we can find...My daughter is very random! I found a flamingo, peguin, birthday cake, dinosaurs, dolphin, etc. What are your thoughts?


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Sounds cool!

*O.k. so make a makeshift stage for the band (easy with plywood and staple gun)

*Get a smoke machine to make the room feel cool!

*Whatever her favorite colors are, get tons of streamers (You have a big area to decorate so get a lot!)
throw them across the walls and basketball nets.

*then get Christmas lights and wrap them around the food and drink tables!

*Get a confetti cannon! that will really get the party going!
Hope this helps!!!

Be sure to get different textures too! Maybe a themed section. This will help when all the kids are on E and peaking. At least there will be adult supervision right? I give you kudos for allowing such a party at such a young age.

Wow, and here I just get cake, gifts, and a movie night.

But yeah, your way's cool too I guess.

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